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Contentful Learning Services offers two formats for live training.

Webinars Accelerator Workshops
Learn from a live, online presentation by a Contentful expert Practice Contentful skills hands-on in an online, small group format with guidance from an expert coach

Live Training

Contentful Essentials

An introduction to key Contentful concepts and best practices for those who are considering, planning, or starting a Contentful project.

Audience: Developers, technical architects, content modelers, project owners, technical team leads
Experience level: General technical background
Duration: 2 hours
Format: webinar
Price: $200

What you'll learn:

  • Advantages and use cases for "headless CMS"
  • Basic Contentful technical architecture
  • Key concepts such as structured content, content modeling and delivery architecture
  • Implementation best practices
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Content Authoring Accelerator

Learn about structured content and get hands-on practice with common editorial tasks such as creating, editing, and publishing content.

Audience: Content authors, editors, approvers, editorial team leads
Experience level: No previous Contentful experience required
Total Duration: One week
Session 1: Kickoff (30 min)
Session 2: Hands-on exercises with the web app (2 hours)
Format: Accelerator workshop (hands-on, small group)
Price: $400
- also available as a private workshop

What you'll learn:

  • Learn how content models and structured text support content reuse
  • Practice common editorial tasks in a Contentful environment with expert guidance
  • Learn features, shortcuts and best practices to get the most out of the Contentful web app
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Content Modeling Accelerator

A fast, hands-on approach to learning content modeling best practices.

Audience: Content modelers, developers, content architects
Experience level: No previous content modeling experience required
Total Duration: Two weeks
Session 1: Intro to Content Modeling (1 hour)
Session 2: Content modeling exercise #1 (2 hours)
Session 3: Content modeling exercise #2 (2 hours)
Format: Accelerator workshop (hands-on, small group)
Price: $600
- also available as a private workshop

What you'll learn:

  • See how Contentful experts approach creating content models
  • Learn about the tradeoffs of various approaches to content modeling and design
  • Practice building a content model for a demo site in a small group and get expert feedback on your design choices
Live Training Schedule