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Why Contentful certification?

Contentful experts are in demand. Whether you’re a seasoned Contentful veteran or want to become one, a Contentful Certified Professional credential gives you a way to demonstrate your expertise.

If you are a manager responsible for a Contentful project, having members of your implementation team become Contentful certified reduces risk and can increase your confidence that your project will be successful. If you’re hiring new team members, hiring a Contentful Certified Professional means quicker ramp-up time and more Contentful expertise on your team.

If you’re part of a digital agency that is a Contentful partner or that is considering building a Contentful practice, having Contentful Certified Professionals on staff will speed implementations, increase client success, and help you win new business by making your Contentful expertise stand out from the crowd.

Who is the Contentful Certified Professional Exam for?

The Contentful Certified Professional Exam is intended for software developers, technical architects, project managers, content architects, and others responsible for the technical design, development, or implementation of Contentful projects. It is not intended for content authors or other non-technical users.

You don’t need software development skills to pass the exam. However, you should have a strong technical grasp of Contentful’s capabilities, features, architecture, and best practices. You should also be familiar with basic software engineering concepts.

What's the format of the certification exam?

The Contentful Certified Professional Exam is an online exam taken on your own desktop or laptop computer at your location. Mobile phones and tablets are not supported. Before attempting the exam, make sure you have a modern internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge) and a reliable Internet connection.

The exam consists of multiple-choice and select-all-that-apply questions in English. You must complete the Exam in one sitting. The maximum time allowed to complete the Exam is seventy-five (75) minutes. To pass the certification, you must receive a final score of at least 70%.