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Learn how to best implement Contentful directly from our internal experts. Join our team on November 5 for a full day of masterclasses to learn Contentful's most powerful capabilities, as well as digital experience best practices.

Register to have access to a full day of masterclasses listed below.

**Our masterclass live sessions will be held live but recorded to make them accessible for registered attendees afterwards as well.

Full day access: USD $299


Session Time EST Duration (h:mm) Description
Contentful Essentials: Intro to Contentful 9:00 AM 2:30 A perfect starting point for your Contentful journey. Get the most out of Contentful by understanding key concepts, use cases, features, and best practices. Contentful Essentials starts with an expert-led, two-hour live session, followed by a set of self-paced lessons with separate, curated tracks for developers and orchestrators (for example, implementation team leads, editorial team leads, and anyone involved with content strategy or content operations).
Contentful - The Lesser Known Parts 12:00 PM 0:50 There's a lot of Contentful functionality that's not very apparent at first glance. On this session we'll be talking a look at some of these lesser known bits, how to leverage them to their maximum potential, and give you new tools to build amazing functionality.
Contentful Author Accelerator 1:00 PM 2:30 The Content Authoring Accelerator workshop is a blended learning experience that helps content creators quickly get up to speed with learning both the conceptual and technical aspects of using Contentful.
Taking Your Website Visuals to the Next Level: Advanced Image and Video Optimization 3:40 PM 0:30 Your website is more than just basic text and images. With the Cloudinary app installed on your Contentful platform, you can provide compelling and engaging visual experiences by automatically manipulating and optimizing rich media assets directly from the Contentful user interface. Learn more about the Contentful/Cloudinary integration and how you can easily unleash the full potential of your media, speeding up your webpages, improving conversions, and enhancing the brand experience - all while saving precious time and resources.


Session Time EST Duration (h:mm) Description
Developer Apps - Working in Contentful with Useful App Integrations 9:00 AM 0:50 We showcase apps that support your developer life with Contentful. We are using apps that show SDK functionality, visualize the content model, provide quick access to all API endpoints, and much more.
Multi-Space References: How to Manage and Maintain References between Multiple Spaces 10:00 AM 0:50 When it comes time to scale your Content Platform, how do you create a unified experience with content from multiple unique spaces. Our Solution Architects have created an App to allow Content Authors to reference content from other spaces, and in this session we'll show you how to get it set up and running. We'll also take a deep dive into what your team needs to do to make this work effectively at scale.
The Content Model and Your Content Velocity: the Interplay, Strategies, and Tactics 11:00 AM 0:50 The content model is at the heart of a Contentful implementation. It influences your content strategy, API call strategy, software maintainability, and importantly, content velocity. This session will examine that interplay, with an emphasis on content creation and management velocity. We’ll look at common content model patterns, software architecture best practices, content strategy and UX concerns, and building a bridge to design systems.
Continuous Delivery in Practice: Environments, Aliases, and the CLI 12:00 PM 0:50 Contentful's CI/CD features and paradigm can be challenging for new adopters of the platform. During this session, we'll demystify the process of using environments, aliases, and the CLI. Following these best practices allows teams to iterate content models safely and efficiently, creating a framework to scale without risk.