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Live Events
  • DreamStacks Podcast - Ep1

    Agency Dev Life with Seth Kranzler of Channel Studio and Alexander Larson from AKQA talk about being a developer at a creative agency, making cool projects and staying sane while working from home. Cooking and eating features large in this...

    • Duration 1.1h
    • Beginner
  • DreamStacks Podcast - Ep2

    In this episode, we will learn tips and tricks on how to use live coding in your conference talk, demo, videos, streams and live musical performances (with robots). We also discuss how each of our guests are giving back to their...

    • Duration 1.5h
    • Beginner
  • DreamStacks Podcast - Ep3

    In this episode of DreamStacks, we have Developers from Hasura, Algolia and Contentful talk about the projects they have been making with GraphQL.  We also talk about invisible pets, games that are keeping us connected to our co-workers, tips on...

    • Duration 1.2h
    • Beginner
  • DreamStacks Podcast - Ep4

    In a new bite sized format:Algolia and Contentful bring you this lively developer podcast featuring our community heroes to teach, support and chat about developer fun. DreamStacks, the developer podcast that feeds your mind and your soul. In episode 4, Sarah...

    • Duration 37m
    • Beginner
  • DreamStacks Podcast - Ep5

    Taking care or yourself during the pandemic might mean to continue learning new things. But learning remotely, and especially in these special conditions can have new challenges. Thanks to some great tips and tricks from our 3 attendees, you will...

    • Duration 54m
    • Beginner