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  • Content Operations with Contentful

    In this course you'll learn about content operations in the context of Contentful. It will provide a brief introduction to the idea of content operations and then provide strategies for handling content operations within Contentful. 

    • Path
    • Duration 40m
    • Intermediate
  • Intro to Contentful

    Contentful is a content platform that allows our customers to create engaging digital experiences for their customers better and faster. In this course, you'll learn what the Contentful platform is all about. 

    • Path
    • Duration 30m
    • Beginner
  • Managing Users in Contentful

    In this course, you will learn all about how to manage your users in Contentful so they have the access and permissions that they need. 

    • Path
    • Duration 30m
    • Intermediate
  • The App Framework

    This course is a series of bite sized videos that explain the concepts within the App Framework. Developers new to the App Framework can use this as a jumping off point, while experienced developers may find the reference material useful.

    • Path
    • Duration 1h
    • Advanced