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  • Managing content with code

    Learn Contentful CLI tools used for content modeling and use migration scripts, query data using REST APIs, and client libraries (SDKs).

    • Path
    • Duration 40m
    • Beginner
  • Content strategy with Contentful

    In this course, you'll learn all about leading the initial stages of analyzing and mapping out a content strategy for projects using Contentful.

    • Path
    • Duration 20m
    • Beginner
  • Learning Center FAQ

    Our FAQ includes questions on learning center accounts, learning options, and certification that you may find helpful.

    • Evaluate your context

      In this lesson, you’ll identify areas for improvement with your content development process, so you can address them in your content model and project roadmap.

      • Duration 5m
    • Leading your Contentful project

      Learn how to kick off your project including key facts about Contentful and questions to consider in the early stages of your project.

      • Path
      • Duration 33m
      • Beginner
    • Extending Contentful

      Explore tools to extend, customize and integrate Contentful with your tech stack. Use webhooks, public apps and build a simple custom app.

      • Path
      • Duration 45m
      • Beginner
    • All pages view

      In this video, you'll learn about managing content from Compose's all pages view.

      • Duration 2m
      • Beginner
    • Gatsby V3? Quick start with Contentful CMS

      Gatsby V3 has made the process of creating a project really fast and simple. It's easy to integrate with Contentful CMS and take advantage of image and Markdown transformations in the GraphiQL explorer.

      • Duration 8m
      • Intermediate
    • Using tables in Contentful

      In this microlearning, you'll learn how to enable and use tables in the Contentful rich text editor.

      • Duration 6m
      • Beginner
    • APIs and delivery architectures

      Learn about Contentful's backend infrastructure with an overview of core REST APIs and how they communicate and fit into delivery methods.

      • Path
      • Duration 15m
      • Beginner