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Join our experts in this hands-on workshop to sharpen your ability to use Contentful for effective digital content management. Learn to navigate Contentful's features including assets, entries, localization, and scheduling through practical exercises and live demos. The interactive elements of the course make it perfect for learners who benefit from active participation and immediate application of skills learned.



Content creators, marketing professionals, and digital editors who are already familiar with the basics of Contentful and wish to advance their authoring skills. 


What to expect:

    • Expand upon your knowledge of foundational Contentful terms and concepts. 
    • Practice common editorial tasks in Contentful with expert guidance.
    • Develop your own webpage alongside your peers
    • Gain interactive, hands-on experience in Contentful with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


Waitlist Policy:
If you're waitlisted for a session, the "Enroll" button on the Events page will turn gray and display "Waitlisted," along with your queue position under "Current spot: #." Note that you cannot join a session unless you are enrolled (NOT on the waitlist). If you prefer not to wait, consider enrolling in another session that has available spots.